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  • June 2020 Is Here

    Here we are and June is half over and I am just getting to the monthly newsletter. Life has been crazy for everyone for the past three months, but I am hoping this email finds you well and puts a smile on your face. This month will include our monthly delicious recipe as always and some other fun information

  • It’s May!!!

    Here we are and it is May! Our thoughts go out to every one that has been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to thank everyone that is working on the front lines.

  • Happy April

    The purpose of the newsletter this month is to put some color and smiles in your inbox. With this global pandemic among us it can be hard to look forward and see the good.

  • Happy March!

    Spring is March 19th!! Not only does March celebrate International Women’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day but it is officially Spring on March 19th! Now that is something to celebrate if you ask us here at Greater Binghamton OB/GYN.