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    Stay Safe this Summer

    Stay Safe this Summer

    At Greater Binghamton OB/GYN we are ALL ABOUT birthdays!!! And on the 4th of July, we celebrate the birth of our country!! Being that Independence Day falls on a Saturday this year, the office will maintain regular hours of operation all week!

    Read on for a very inexpensive and easy recipe that is sure to delight at your cookout.

    Also in this month’s newsletter are some easy fixes for summer woes. We see lots of patients in the summer for the same common complaints so we figured we would give some general tips for enjoying your summer while it lasts!

    Summer Days Drifting Away…

    Common Complaints Among our Patients

    Along with the fun of swimming or vacation or just spending more time outside comes some unfortunate and often uncomfortable situations. Read on for our recommendations for dealing if you happen to experience any of these common problems.

    Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

    Symptoms: frequent urination, burning on urination, cloudy or bloody urine, feeling the urge to go despite an empty bladder

    Risk Factors: pregnancy, previous UTI, sexual activity, “holding it” too long (like on a long car ride)

    Management: A true UTI can only be cured with antibiotics. You should call the office to have a urine sample tested if you have any of the above symptoms. For comfort, you can drink more water, wipe front to back after using the bathroom, and there is also over-the-counter medication that some women use for bladder discomfort but it should be noted that will not cure the infection.

    Yeast Infection

    • Symptoms: itching, burning, discharge
    • Risk Factors: Pregnancy, Diabetes, Recent or Current Antibiotics Use, sitting in a wet bathing suit too long
    • Management: Yeast and Bacteria often present with the same symptoms and therefore without having a culture, it is difficult to determine which treatment you may need. Over the counter medications are often used by our patients but they do not work as well as prescription strength meds and they will not treat a bacterial infection. For comfort, make sure to change into dry, clean clothes, take showers instead of baths, and never douche.

    Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) – the most common vaginal infection

    • Symptoms: itching, burning, discharge, odor
    • Risk Factors: pregnancy, unprotected sex, longer periods, douching, having multiple partners
    • Management: Again, BV and Yeast can feel the same but are treated very differently. You should avoid any of the above listed risk factors, talk to your provider about taking a probiotic, and get an appointment for a culture.


    • Symptoms: This one is especially problematic in the summer. Bacteria in hot tubs or pools or sweat invades the microscopic abrasions we have from shaving and can cause a raised, red rash that may be itchy or painful.
    • Risk Factors: shaving, sweat, sunscreen use, hot tub or pool exposure, sharing razors, using old razors
    • Management: Most cases can be managed with some bacitracin ointment and avoiding shaving until your rash clears up. However, if you develop a fever or the rash seems to linger, you should be seen by your provider to make sure it is not caused by something else like Staph, Pseudomonas, or Herpesvirus.

    Check out our brand new Pinterest board for other ideas for staying safe and healthy this summer!

    Super Duper Simple Snack
    Jell-O Parfaits

    For this super duper simple snack, you use Jell-O and Cool Whip. With Jell-O coming in at about 70 calories in a 1-cup serving and Cool Whip a mere 25 calories in 2 tablespoons, this fancy and festive treat makes us proud to be an American!!! Serve it in a classic mason jar and impress your guests. Just click the picture above for instructions!

    Stay safe and keep our phone number on hand in case you run into any trouble!

    Until next month…
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    Johnson City, NY 13790
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  • Posted by Bob on August 17, 2019, 9:36 pm

    I love your tip about how shaving and sweat can irritate the skin. My wife is having a lot of problems with her health. I’ll have to take her to the doctor to feel better.

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  • Posted by Skyler Williams on September 4, 2019, 8:35 pm

    I had no idea that UTIs had to be cured with antibiotics. I thought they would just go away after a while. I’m taking my daughter to the gynecologist for the first time because she’s been talking about having pains when she pees. I will make sure to ask the gynecologist to check for a UTI.

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