Well Woman Exams

During their reproductive years, most women should have a well woman exam each year. During these visits we check your blood pressure, weight, height, and urine. The physical exam includes screening for thyroid enlargement, breast cancer, cervical cancer (Pap smear), uterine cancer, ovarian cancer. For women over age 40, an annual mammogram is also recommended.

The annual exam also gives us a chance to discuss any other health issues the patient may be concerned about. This includes diet, exercise, contraception, smoking cessation, sexual problems, and sexually transmitted diseases/infections.

Keep in mind that “annual exam” and “Pap smear” are terms that are used synonymously, but it may not be necessary to have a Pap smear every year.

Pregnancy & Birth Control

If you are interested in becoming pregnant, we can answer questions you may have and help you get on the right track. If you prefer to delay pregnancy, and request birth control, we can help you find an option that best suits your needs.

Some women come in before pregnancy to discuss what they should be doing. This is a great time to address any medical issues a patient has and to get them started on prenatal vitamins, which are most effective when taken before pregnancy. We spend a great deal of time during these visits answering our patient’s questions so she and her partner can relax and enjoy the pregnancy.

We also have the training and and experience to not only handle routine, but high risk pregnancies. We offer in office ultrasound and non-stress testing for our patient’s convenience.

We take pride that we get to really know our patients during their visits and it is rare that we are unavailable for a delivery.

Here is some information you might find helpful:

Other Services

In addition to routine health maintenance, We provide a variety of obstetric and gynecologic services including cancer screenings, gynecologic care, and complete obstetrical care. Some of the areas we help women with include:

  • Contraception/sterilization
  • Cycle regulation/heavy or painful periods
  • Vaginal infections/disorders
  • Endometriosis/pelvic pain
  • Abnormal bleeding/fibroids
  • Cervical dysplasia
  • Infertility/polycystic ovarian syndrome

Our philosophy is to provide health care that is tailored to each woman’s needs, so we work with each patient to find the best treatment options available. We strive to always try to offer my patients choices, especially new and minimally-invasive techniques.