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    It’s February!

    It’s February!

    February is way more than just Valentine’s Day. This month we celebrate Black History Month. We may feel like we are going back in time with the news in today’s world but we have to take a moment to remember the steps these women and men took and their stories that molded history.

    Women have always played an essential role in shaping history. But their accomplishments are often ignored or erased. During Black History Month we are going to take the time to celebrate the women whose courage and intellect have pushed our society towards a more equal union.

    We know Women’s Day is celebrated in March but as an OB/GYN office we are going to highlight an amazing woman who changed the world of feminine care products.


    Mary Kenner

    Mary was an inventor that was born in North Carolina. She invented the sanitary belt with a moisture proof napkin pocket. This sparked interest from many big companies, however when they found out Mary was African American they rejected it. In 1957 she finally got her patent on the sanitary belt.

    Mary revolutionized feminine care products for all women. This sanitary belt would help hold the napkin or rag in place while a women was menstruating leading to less leaks. This was before disposable sanitary pads where invented.

    As women in today’s world we have so many options for feminine care products and so many competing brands to choose from. We should all take a moment to look back and realize how fortunate we are to have so many great option.

    Mary went on to have a total of five patents in her life time.




    Happy Valentine’s Day

    These iconic conversation hearts are BACK! Last year they were not available for Valentines day due to a manufacturer issues. But this year they are back and available for you to buy!


    These cute little pretzel bites will be a hit! You can use your favorite chocolate candies like Hershey kisses or Rolos.


    Here we are. Another month down and another newsletter sent. As always if needed do not hesitate to call the office with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to see you all in the up coming year!

    Congratulations to all of the new pregnancies and to all of the babies that are being welcomed this month!


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