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    Happy March!

    Happy March!

    Spring is March 19th!!

    Not only does March celebrate International Women’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day but it is officially Spring on March 19th! Now that is something to celebrate if you ask us here at Greater Binghamton OB/GYN. With Spring comes earlier sunrises and later sunsets giving us more hours of sun light (which we are all in desperate need of!).

    If you visit the Farmer’s Almanac web page you can learn so much about the Vernal Equinox (Spring) and what exactly it means! Visit the Farmer’s Almanac here!

    As always we are here to answer your questions, about anything to do with obstetrics and gynecology! If you need call us with these questions or call and set up an appointment to come in and speak with Dr. Leuci or Nicole Rouhana FNP directly!

    Missed your annual appointment? Can’t remember when your annual appointment is scheduled for? No worries! Call us and we can help you! We will try our hardest to make it on a day that works best for you!


    Spring is March 19th!!

    I am not sure I know of anyone who doesn’t love a fresh spring roll! But I have never thought to go outside of the box and change up what you put inside of them! Like fruit with a dark chocolate dip! YUM!

    These are perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer days! They are a light refreshing snack or appetizer for you get togethers!

    Tips and Tricks for the perfect spring roll. Click here!




    Other “Holidays” in March!

    3/1/2020: Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
    3/8/2020: International Women’s Day
    3/12/2020: Pop Corn Lover’s Day and Plant a Flower Day
    3/14/2020: National Potato Chip Day
    3/20/2020: Earth Day
    3/21/2020: International Sports Car Racing Day
    3/25/2020: Waffle Day
    3/30/2020: National Doctor Day!
    3/31/2020: Bunsen Burner Day (the creator’s birthday.) and Crayon day


    Chocolate Dipped Oreos, with sprinkles of course!

    Supplies Needed:

    • Double Stuffed Oreos (or regular works)
    • Green and White Melting Chocolate/ Candy Melts
    • Green and White Sprinkles
    • Wax or parchment paper


    1. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds at a time until it is melted. You can buy green candy melts or just add food coloring to white chocolate!
    2. Dip the oreo halfway into the chocolate and lay it on a sheet of parchment or wax paper.
    3. Take the sprinkles and shake it onto the cookie while the chocolate is still warm.
    4. Let them sit and harden for 20 minutes. Take them off and enjoy!

    Here is a super cute treat to make with the kids for Saint Patrick’s Day! Not only are they delicious but they are super easy!


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