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    25 Things to do Before your Baby is Born

    25 Things to do Before your Baby is Born

    This is a list we saw of things to do before baby comes and it is pretty good but we might add a few things to this list (because we are practical and no one else tells you these things):

    1. Stock up on maxi pads (the overnight ones). Because.
    2. Buy a package or two of comfy underwear a size larger than usual & don’t get too attached to them.
    3. Sign up for Netflix or stock your DVR for all those late nights you’ll need to keep your eyes open.
    4. Coordinate help from friends, neighbors, family. When they offer to make dinner or come over and do the dishes, sign them up for an actual date!
    5. Stock the medicine cabinet: Some women find that having prenatal vitamins, pain relievers, stool softeners, and/or topical anti-infectives and pain relievers.

    And, as always, ask questions when you come for your prenatal appointments! We are always happy to give you some insight on becoming a new mom.

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