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    Should I make an Appointment?

    Should I make an Appointment?

    August is the time we send many of our patients back to college after their summer break. We are happy to be here for you when you need us, but what about taking care of you long-distance? Read on for some preventative tips on how to take good care of yourself and refer to our handy list for when your complaints should be addressed right away.

    Should I call my OB/GYN?

    When your appointment can’t wait…

    Everyone asks themselves this question at one point or another, and sometimes we make up excuses not to be seen: There is not enough time, or you don’t feel that bad. But the reality is, if the thought crossed your mind, you probably want to get a professional opinion to make sure your concerns are valid.

    Common complaints such as UTI’s, yeast or bacterial infections, or irregular bleeding can worsen quickly if left untreated and a simple phone call can prevent lots of discomfort and anxiety! Trust your instincts.

    If you are still unsure about being seen, here is a list of reasons why you should pick up your phone right now:

    • You had unprotected sex and are concerned with pregnancy or a STI
    • You have had symptoms of an infection (discharge, itching, odor, discomfort) for more than 2-3 days.
    • Your period is ______. Fill in the blank: much heavier, much lighter, more painful, irregular, absent, or lasting more than 7-10 days.
    • You have sudden or intense pain that is abnormal.

    Go to the ER if you take the pill and suddenly have shortness of breath, chest pain, a swollen calf or headache. And again, you know your body best so if you think about calling for an appointment, you probably should.

    Stay Well

    Preventing Disease

    When we visit the office for routine care, we don’t always think to ask about ways to stay well until our next annual visit.
    Here are some suggestions for simple things you can do to avoid frequent illness and to stay healthy:

    • Just quit smoking already; there is nothing good about smoking!
    • Tell someone if your drug and/or alcohol use is increasing or pay attention if someone suggests you need help.
    • Monitor your BMI and work with a friend or your provider to create a healthy eating plan.
    • Adults should get 2 1/2 hours of exercise weekly and children (under 18 years old) should stay active at least 1 hour per day.
    • Tell someone if you don’t feel safe at your home, in your relationship, or at school or work.
    • Discuss your sexual health history with your provider openly to make sure you & your partner get recommended screening/testing routinely.
    • Keep close relationships with family or friends to prevent anxiety or depression.
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