• 04 FEB 14
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    Pretty Smart Little Girls

    Pretty Smart Little Girls

    The New Year is off to a great start!
    In reflection, 2013 was a great year with many changes around the office.
    Some of the biggest milestones for us included:
    • Monica welcomed her twin granddaughters, delivered by Dr. Leuci.
    • We welcomed Shazery as our newest Medical Assistant. and she welcomed a sweet baby boy, Evan, in early January.
    • We sadly said good-bye to our sonographer, Jim Shimkus, who had worked with us since the beginning but wanted to expand his expertise beyond OB/GYN.
    • Our sonographer, Kathy, added more hours to ultrasound our patients.
    • We said good-bye and good luck to our medical assistant, Laura Dodd, who became a full-time student at SUNY Oneonta.
    • We started phasing in our electronic medical record.
    We hope that 2014 brings many more positive changes for growth of our practice so that we can continue to provide exceptional care for all of you!
    Thanks again for your continued support.
    Pretty Smart Little Girls
    We have all done it. We see a friend, co-worker, or neighbor with their little girl and we compliment her on her outfit or her hair and tell her:
    “You look so pretty!”
    Of course they are cute, but what message does this send to our daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and the future women of the world? Sometimes all of the attention that is paid to appearance makes girls believe that it is the most important thing.
    This blog post highlights one mother’s struggle in keeping her girls well-rounded and focused on their talents rather than their looks. Let’s all try to empower our next generation of strong young ladies and next time you see a sweet child, ask her what she is thinking about. Ask her what she likes to do or where she has been. These are the things that she should be proud to share.

    Greater Binghamton OB/GYN Makes a Difference!
    The collection that was made for the local community organization, RISE, over the holidays was highly successful! With your help, we were able to contribute over $200 worth of undergarments for women and children as well as diapers. This helps out dozens of local families.
    THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!

    Until next month…
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