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    April 2014 Newsletter

    April 2014 Newsletter

    We are so excited to be celebrating our 5th Birthday!

    Over the past few years, Dr. Leuci has proudly delivered nearly 400 babies and maintains one of the lowest
    C-section rates in the Greater Binghamton area!

    Anne Lindsay, our Nurse Practitioner joined us 3 1/2 years ago and continues to see patients in the office for all of their women’s health needs including routine screening and in-office procedures.

    Both Dr. Leuci and Anne Lindsay are accepting new patients and genuinely enjoy being a part of YOUR family’s story.
    More Birthdays!

    Do you want to be celebrating more birthdays this year? Maybe you don’t really need that third room for a home office and you’re starting to picture a nursery instead. Maybe you think your table of two would be more fun with a highchair next to it. If so, Read On!

    We found a list of five helpful, digital tools to track fertility and guide conception. They have reported numbers (some totaling over 1,000!!) of users who have gotten pregnant while using their technology. So if you want to add another birthday to your calendar, it might be worth checking them out!

    Slumber Party!

    We are so excited about turning “5” that we don’t want to stop celebrating… even in our sleep! And there is now proof that including naps in your routine has many health benefits.

    This article states that napping, even if for only 15-20 minutes a day, can improve memory, alertness, and energy! Maybe we should expand our appointment times to allow for a quick snooze after your exam…

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